Family law disputes are often difficult and emotional for everyone involved. Emotions range from anxiety and fear to hurt and frustration. We understand the many legal issues a family can face and offer knowledgeable and compassionate legal counsel to help you through the unique challenges you may encounter. We are able to provide counsel for various family law concerns, which include:

Asset Division
Child Custody
Modificaiton of Prior Orders
Child Support
Prenuptial Agreements
Spousal Support
Relocation – Change of Domicile

If you have questions regarding a family law issue, contacting a knowledgeable family law attorney can ensure that all your rights and interests are fully represented. We have prepared the following material to answer some general questions you may have; however, the
information is not intended to answer specific questions regarding your particular case – each case is different.

Experiences Matters

Our most senior attorneys have decades of experience navigating through complex family law litigation matters. Our vast experience enables us to resolve cases short of trial upon the most favorable terms possible, where appropriate.

Sherbow Law is widely recognized for our successful record in Family Law Litigation. We partner with our clients to
determine how they define success, and then find the optimal path to effective resolution of their Family Law dispute.

If you are experiencing a family law concern, and are looking for experienced advice, contact Sherbow Law today.